Winged Liberty dimes (1916-1945) are commonly called Mercury dimes. The wings on her cap were meant to represent liberty of thought and therefore resembles the Greek god Mercury. Many people young and old have searched their pockets for the 1916-D, usually to no avail. The Roosevelt dime has been our latest design since 1946. There was a recent movement trying to get Ronald Reagan to replace Roosevelt, but no such change is in the works as of yet.

Half dimes had many varieties and are all collectible. The Flowing Hair half dimes were only a 2 year issue and rare in any condition. The Draped Bust and Capped Bust half dimes were minted from 1796-1837 and were all minted in Philadelphia. The Liberty Seated half dime had 4 varieties including the No Stars variety which always seems undervalued for how low the mintage was. Dimes ran the same designs as their smaller counterpart until 1873 when the full size dime added the arrows at the date. The half dimes were discontinued but the Liberty Seated dimes went on and changed varieties a couple more times until the Liberty Head dime was introduced in 1892. Also referred to as a Barber dime (after Charles Barber, the chief engraver at the Mint) these dimes have a bit of a lower relief than other designs and they wore faster then some other coins. Of course the 1894-S is a true American rarity with only 24 ever minted.