Since it's inception in 1793, the copper cent has become the most widely collected of all United States coinage. In the beginning there even was a Half Cent issued, which gives testament that back then the penny had actual buying power! As the price of copper escalated the need for a replacement to the original Large Cent came about and the small cent as we know it today was born. The first of the smaller pennies was the Flying Eagle which only was issued for three years between 1856 and 1858. Design of the cent again changed in 1859 with the first Indian Cent.


This series is quite popular with collectors and is filled with scarce dates such as the 1864-L, 1877 and the 1909-S. The Indian Head series had a life span of half a century and marked the first time that cents were produced at any mint other than Philadelphia. Finally, the year 1909 brought us the penny as we know it today, the Lincoln Cent. Issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln, this series is home to such classic collector issues as the 1909-S VDB, 1914-D, 1922 Plain, 1931-S and the 1955 Doubled Die.